APIERAM – Associação de Produtores Independentes de Energias Renováveis da Madeira

(Autonomous Region of Madeira Renewable Energy Independent Producers Association)


The Autonomous Region of Madeira Renewable Energy Independent Producers Association (APIERAM – Associação de Produtores Independentes de Energias Renováveis da Madeira, in Portuguese) is a non-profit association formed in December 2012 under the legal regime of associations of private law.

The mission of APIERAM is to coordinate, represent and defend its Associates common interests (Any company or institution that produces energy from renewable sources and injects is in Madeira electrical network), constituting an instrument of civil participation in the public energy and environmental policies towards renewable natural resources available in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. By renewable source, one means the electrical energy produced from water, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, biogas and solid urban waste domains.

Any company that has a Licence in Madeira to explore power plants for electricity production obtained from renewable sources power station from renewable sources can join in APIERAM as Ordinary Associates of APIERAM. Extraordinary Associates can be any individual or collective companies who promotes a sustainable development of Madeira whether it is in technical, legal, financial and economic fields and who may unambiguously contribute to the mission for which APIERAM is intended.

APIERAM is determined to:

1) Represent the common interests of its Associates to promote the production of electricity production from Renewable Energies;

2) Act as interlocutor between political, economic and social decision-making parties, as well as any other organizations, representative companies, organized social groups and other stakeholders related to the production of electricity from renewable sources;

3) Promote and disseminate the use of renewable energy sources for the production of electricity for sustainable development in Madeira.